Publicera Publishing Group Ltd was founded in 1997 by Swedish journalist, photographer and author Peppe Arninge.

For almost ten years, the company was involved in a large number of journalistic assignments for a variety of companies and newspapers in Europe, Asia and the US. Today we have changed direction and work exclusively as a publishing house in both the domestic and international markets, focusing on documentary photobooks based on pure commitment and true passion.

With worldwide distribution and a number of new books in production, Publicera Publishing Group Ltd has become an indispensable source of documentary photobooks for anyone, anywhere. In this complicated world there are stories everywhere just waiting to be told. We believe in books which combines strong pictures with well written texts and are convinced that a first class photobook with its' unique structure can influence people to do good.

The first edition of our most controversial book, The Dump, was released on September 24th, 2010, at the Gothenburg Book Fair which is one of the largest fairs for the publishing industry in Europe. The Dump is photo book about some of the most silent and abused people in the world; the unfortunate who have been forced to spend their lives on and around the notorious Cambodian garbage dumps. The Dump is published is a landscape format (8x10"), in hardcover with a dustjacket, and contains 120 pages of pictures and texts questioning the situation in Cambodia today.

If you own a reading device, such as the iPad, Kindle or Nook, there is an electronic version of The Dump as well. Please take a look under "INFO" and after that "BOOK ORDER" to find out where/how to buy The Dump as an e-book or PDF-book for a variety of reading devices such as the iPad, Kindle and Nook. Same applies with the photo book "ryd", which also can be bought as a physical book as well as an ebook from almost every retailer around the world. If you live in Scandinavia, and if you own a reading device such as the iPad or the Nook, The Dump can also be borrowed at approx 300 libraries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Both ryd and The Dump are photographed and written by photojournalist Peppe Arninge, receiver of the prestigious City of Vasteras grant 2011 who's books also can be found at the National Library of Sweden,. All of the company's books are designed by Johan Stiernspetz, who is the Head of Design at Publicera Publishing Group Ltd.

Publicera Publishing Group Ltd is a limited company registered under the Swedish Companies Registration Office.